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Nov 23 2017

Lost and Stolen – Assurance Wireless #assurance #phone #company


1. Process a suspension when customer reports their phone as lost or stolen. Click here for the How To guide [from suspending to ordering new phones]

2. The shipping price for all discounted lost/stolen/out of warranty replacement phones offer is $7.99.

3. Free Replacement Phones – do not discuss unless a pop up shows in your Siebel screen after you suspend the account for lost phone.

– the pop up only shows if the phone is in stock and if the customer has not suspended for lost phone the past 12 months.

1. What is the Phone Replacement Offer?

– a program for customers who have reported their phone Lost or Stolen, Without this customer accounts reported lost or stolen, expire at the end of the 60 day suspension

The phone may be a refurbished phone. The phones have been shipped to our service vendor where it is tested, updated with the current software and cosmetically upgraded (i.e. if there is a scratch on the faceplate, it’s been replaced). When the service vendor is done with these phones, they are as close as they can be to perfect condition. Also, these phones still come with a warranty if there are any problems.

RMA/Exchange Only: The phone will be shipped within 24 hours, ensuring prompt delivery.

– L ost/Stolen Replacement: The order will be held for 24 hours, just in case you find your phone. If you do not call us or go to the website to cancel your order within 24 hours, it will be shipped the next business day for overnight delivery. Note, Web Offer phone orders are not held for 24 hours, so the customer will get the phone more quickly.

Lost/Stolen Replacement: Yes. You must call or visit the website within 24 hours of placing the order if you find your phone. If you notify us within this 24 hour window, the order can be cancelled. We cannot cancel the order for you if you call after the 24 hour window.

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