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Jan 30 2018

Malaysia Airlines

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Not very happy with your service and how your customer service time is being run. You cancel the Kuala Lumpur to Darwin was cancelled that leg on the 20th of June 2017 and I called and confirm a new route from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to Darwin on the 21st of June 2017, took ages to get that flight but I double check Today and you cancelled the Singapore to Darwin leg without any notice and no phone call or email, lucky I checked because I would be stuck in Singapore. Then speaking with the customer service person Today, he has zero percent experience in helping me out totally said all flights are cancelled including the out going ones but I check, the customer service person is only guessing and did not assure us with what going on. After spending almost 2 hours on the phone finally got a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth to Darwin, its a great way to lose future customers and we get treated like a number at the end, you don t care for us, just care about making money from us.


from Australia – July 17, 2017

Recommend Airline

I had a very bad experience with their customer service. I booked a BUSINESS CLASS ticket and got treated very badly with their employees in Auckland. I also e-mailed my complain/concern to their customer service but I didn t get any feedback and it s already been 3weeks. Their employees were VERY UNPROFESSIONAL especially the SUPERVISOR in charge in Auckland, New Zealand. They combined the check-in counter for Business Class passengers and Economy class. We didn t experience the Priority Check-in at all. When we reached the counter, their employee didn t check our ticket and assumed that we were in Economy Class and even told us that our baggage allowance was only 90kilos total (for the 3 passengers), and she wasn t accommodating at all. We had to tell her that we are in Business Class. I looked for the SUPERVISOR in charge and the situation got worsened. HE OVER USED HIS POWER. He threatened us that he will kick us out of the flight without understanding what was going on and sided their employees right away. I travelled with my parents. My dad is 61 years old and my mom is disabled. They were very strict and rude to us.


from Australia – July 10, 2017

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