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Jun 25 2017

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For companies with no IT staff.

We become your “virtual” IT staff to manage your network and PCs on a routine basis transparently and to immediately respond on an as-needed basis. We commit to keeping your business running smoothly at minimal expense to you. For stress-free and complete IT management and technology services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and other Texas metropolitan cities, call us today.

For companies with small IT staffs.

Add new IT capabilities without adding full-time personnel. We off-load the day-to-day IT burdens from your IT staff, so that they can focus on developing your business competitiveness. With NetworkElites, you gain a team with expansive knowledge to provide productivity at minimal cost.

For CIOs with IT staff.

Our technical knowledge helps you accelerate project timetables, implement new cost-saving technologies like virtualization and cloud services, and instantly expand IT strengths in areas your staff is unfamiliar without costly learning curves. Don’t grow your staff to handle “one-offs”, call NetworkElites. We specialize in Managed IT and other Technology Services for Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin companies of all sizes.

Recent Projects

An average NetworkElites work week has our engineers and technicians handling a wide array of tasks and projects for our very diversified customer base. We’ll be overseeing IT management operations at law offices and healthcare clinics, while redesigning multi-campus wireless network technology service for a regional school district. Here are just a few recent project highlights.

Client’s network was plagued with service outages and wireless coverage dead spots across the campus. In addition to the outages, users frequently complained of latency when utilizing applications and frequent application disconnections. NetworkElites was brought in to discover the issue and provide a solution.

NetworkElites found that Client 1’s network security and core network equipment was not optimally configured and that it was also end of life. NetworkElites also found that wireless network design was not optimal and that equipment was obsolete. Finally, latency was attributed to aging Active Directory infrastructure and design.

Redesigned and replaced wireless infrastructure resulting in streamlined access and management of user devices on the network.
Redesigned and replaced network security appliances providing more stringent security, control, management and reporting of users and devices.
Active Directory infrastructure was optimized and the components were updated, resulting in more efficient authentication and replication.

Client Satisfaction 100%

Client, a startup, was in the middle of an expansion that included the hiring over 200 new employees during the next year. Needed help planning, implementing and maintaining network and computing operations through the transition plus ongoing user support for all IT service requests and everyday operations support.

After completing the assessment survey of Client’s network, NetworkElites provided a detailed infrastructure implementation plan. This detailed the need for the acquisition of equipment and applications; deploying servers and workstations; the onboarding of new users and systems training.

NetworkElites, which is located in Dallas / Fort Worth and Austin/San Antonio, provided a Managed IT and Technology Services plan to fit the Client’s business and IT growth requirements. Additionally, the Client requested a dedicated, embedded consultant for onsite IT management to complement the Managed Services Plan to provide ongoing guidance and support to onsite users and executives.

Customer Satisfaction 100%

Managed IT Services

NetworkElites commits IT resources to meet the level of service that you need to keep your business running smoothly. A long list of managed IT services are available, ranging from daily tasks such as network health checks, to monthly functions such as patch management, to quarterly jobs like server/storage recomposing. Our job is to help you successfully navigate technology changes and help relieve your IT burdens to give you peace of mind.

Application Customization

Each day you encounter tough decisions that hinge on software you have, or wish to have. We have a team of software professionals with a proven track record of creating quality software for organizations. We offer complete software development and support at a price you can afford in addition to our many other technology services and IT management solutions in Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas and other Texas cities.


As an unbiased observer, NetworkElites takes nothing for granted. Many companies are too relaxed about their data security because they don’t sense the danger in open USB ports, unencrypted data, unsecured firewalls, or lack of authentication methods. We worry about security threats from your own staff and from external intruders, and take preventative steps to ensure your network is secure so your business is not compromised. This is not done by casual observations, but by meticulous audits so that you can rest easy that your business, e-commerce, and customer information are secure.

vCIO / IT Consulting

As with any endeavor, to thrive in this modern, ultra-competitive business environment, your business needs a sound plan. Seeking an independent perspective to review that plan for technology gaps, cost-savings, and implementation challenges is a valued part of the trusted relationship that NetworkElites provides.

Cloud Services

Anyone who uses an iPad knows the value of the Cloud. You don’t worry about where data is stored, how it is backed up, or if it is going to be delivered reliably. All those services are delivered transparently. NetworkElites takes that concept and applies it to your business. In a private cloud, we build your infrastructure on your premises. In a public cloud, we host your infrastructure on our premises. Either way, we smoothly guide you through the transition by leveraging our server, storage, and desktop virtualization vendor relationships with VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and others.


Virtualization makes your infrastructure simpler, more efficient and more reliable. NetworkElites has virtualized servers, storage and desktops for many customers, who want to eliminate hardware, reduce datacenter space, cut power bills, create high availability uptime, and better manage their IT assets.


Storage continues to be the fastest growing area of IT, and one of the costliest if not managed properly. NetworkElites architects are storage experts, having experience with the traditional “big iron” approaches and the newer blended compute/storage solutions.

24×7 Helpdesk Support

If you have a problem or question, we are always available. We guarantee our service level agreements by using multi-tiered services including Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 support so that we use the most cost-effective resource to help you best use your IT budget.

Network Design and Support

Network planning is essential to ensuring high-performance, long-term network operations. Our understanding of both business requirements and networking technologies helps us plan new networks for you and evolve your existing ones. We help you explore a variety of infrastructure options to create a lower cost network with more integrated architecture by determining optimal network equipment and service capabilities for wire center, backbone, data transmission, switch capacity, and signaling planning.

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