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Sep 7 2018

Maple Creek Home Health – Hospice, brain hospice.#Brain #hospice

brain hospice

Brain hospice


Dear Carma, Now that my mother’s long, last road has finally come to an end, I would like to reflect on how very much I appreciate you and your team and how you took such amazing care of my mother (and, therefore, of me). There are so many.

Brain hospice

Your Home, Your Life

We met Maggie after she had been discharged to her home from a two month hospitalization. Maggie is 85 years old and lives with her husband and two dogs in the split-entry house that has been their home for 45 years. She has a long.

Brain hospice

What We Do Really Matters

Tim was a 42 year old man who had been in an automobile accident at the age of 10. The accident left him physically dependent for all his needs, including feedings through a tube, bathing, diapering etc. He also suffered a brain injury.

Brain hospice

Commitment, Respect, Trust

I have been a nurse for 25 years. I graduated as a Licensed Practical Nurse in 1985 from Salt Lake Community College, then went on to receive my RN from Weber State in 1987. I’ve worked in Utah from Ogden to St. George and have some.

Mission Statement

Maple Creek Home Health and Hospice is built on experience and commitment. We want to be the most trusted Home Health and Hospice provider in the community and your home.

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Serving all Utah, Juab, San Pete Counties

Fees and Costs

There are no out of pocket expenses. Medicare and Medicaid pay 100%, we accept all insurance payments in full.

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