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Nov 27 2017

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Welcome to Ladin & Associates, Attorneys at Law

We Will Help You Protect Your Family

Welcome to the website of Ladin & Associates, Attorneys at Law. Our experienced team of dedicated attorneys will help you understand the complex legal issues involving your individual needs. Our goal is to protect your rights and interests as well as assisting you, in not only understanding the law but to help you make the best decision for your specific requirements. We help you understand any important issues you may be facing in your legal case, including: how the Georgia judicial system works and the possible legal and financial outcomes of your case. Please contact our office today to speak to an attorney or to set up a free initial consultation.

Firm Overview

Ladin & Associates, Attorneys at Law is a Marietta, Georgia law practice that prides itself in personalized service. We are a full service law practice dedicated to meeting your individual needs.

Our Diverse Legal Knowledge

To be effective, a good lawyer must be extremely knowledgeable in various areas of law. Many cases we handled have overlapping laws that must be understood in order to have the most favorable outcome. Divorce, for example, often involves many different legal areas such as taxes, real estate, finance, business transactions, and custody. For this reason you can have confidence that Ladin & Associates attorneys have experience in more than one area of law and can handle different aspects of your case with skill and effectiveness.

Military Discounts

At Ladin & Associates, we recognize the enormous sacrafice that all young men and women who choose to enter the armed services make for our country. In that interest, we pledge to reduce all legal fees by 10% for all those citizens who have been honorably discharged from any branch of the United States Military.

For those with any disability as a result of their service or for those currently engaged in active service, the discount will be increased to 15%.

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