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Feb 12 2018

Masters in Health Administration – Health Care Administration – Texas Woman s University

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Masters in Health Administration

The Health Care Administration program’s mission is to improve the practice of health care administration. The program serves full time professionals working in a variety of local health services organizations, offering all courses in the evening. The use of various class room teaching styles interspersed with guest lecturers from different health care arenas to aid in a wholesome learning experience, distinguish our program. Our student mix of working health care professionals and adults seeking to enter the health care field provides a stimulating classroom and networking environment for all students. The MHA program is structured to equip students with all the tools they would require in the workplace.

Foundation Courses (may be waived with advisor approval)

Foundation courses are the first level of preparation for specialized study in Healthcare Administration. Applicants may request a waiver of any foundation courses by producing evidence of completing 2 undergraduate or 1 graduate course in the content area with a grade of B or better. The following courses or equivalent will satisfy this Foundation requirement. These courses must be completed prior to enrolling in required courses.

  • HCA 5001 Concepts of Health and Disease
  • HCA 5213 Managerial Communications
  • HCA 5253 Organizational Behavior in Healthcare Administration
  • HCA 5463 Research Methods for Managerial Decision Making
  • HCA 5513 Financial Accounting
  • HCA 5103 Foundations of Health Services

Required Courses (51 hours)

A minimum of 45 hours of required courses and 6 hours of electives, but requirements may exceed this number depending upon prior academic preparation, student experience and career objectives.

  • HCA 5193 Health Law
  • HCA 5223 Strategic Organizational Theory in Health Care Administration
  • HCA 5343 Human Resource
  • HCA 5363 Leadership and Career Development in Health Care
  • HCA 5383 Ethical Analysis in Health Services
  • HCA 5443 Operations Analysis
  • HCA 5473 Health Information Management
  • HCA 5483 Epidemiological Models for Health Services Management
  • HCA 5493 Performance Measurement and Quality in Health Care
  • HCA 5533 Management Accounting for Health Care Organizations
  • HCA 5543 Health Care Finance
  • HCA 5623 Economics of Health Care
  • HCA 5633 Health Policy Analysis
  • HCA 5933 Capstone in Health Care Administration
  • HCA 5973 Professional Project (Portfolio)

Professional Portfolio

Students completing the requirements for the M.H.A. degree should demonstrate certain competencies. Throughout the program students are required to develop and maintain a professional portfolio documenting the attainment of goals and skills acquired in the course of their graduate study. This portfolio and student goals are developed jointly by the student and his or her advisor and will be reviewed periodically. Students must enroll in HCA 5973 Professional Project during their final semester to complete their portfolios and prepare to present their portfolios to the HCA faculty.


Students may select 2 or more courses from the following HCA electives depending on student interests and career plans. Students are not allowed to select any course from any University and request elective credit. A request for non TWU-HCA electives must be submitted to the student’s advisor with a description of the proposed course and a statement of rationale as to why that course is necessary and relevant to the student’s career path. The department will permit only one non-TWU-HCA elective course for elective credit approval.

  • HCA 5713. Managing the Hospital Setting
  • HCA 5723. Managing the Long-Term Care Setting
  • HCA 5733. Managing the Outpatient Setting
  • HCA 5753. Development of Health Facilities
  • HCA 5763. Marketing for Health Services
  • HCA 5911. Individual Study In Health Care Administration
  • HCA 5912. Individual Study In Health Care Administration
  • HCA 5941. Internship in Health Care Administration
  • HCA 5942. Internship in Health Care Administration

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