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Dec 25 2017

New Jersey Property Tax Appeals Using Douglas M

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New Jersey Property Tax Appeals Using Douglas M. Standriff

New Jersey Property Tax in the News

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Successful Tax Appeals

East Brunswick, vacant land zoned commercially, 2016 taxes reduced from $59,587 to $28,150. (Multi-year savings of over $100,000.00)

Strip Mall on main road in Emerson, taxes reduced by 19% per year .

Industrial Property in Wayne, taxes reduced from $120,976 to $104,142 for 2016 – 14% savings. (Appeal was filed and completed in one year).

Taxes on Commercial property in Leonia (law offices) reduced by 10.8%. resulting in substantial yearly savings.

Large residential estate in Bergen County: 2010 taxes reduced from $42,770.99 to $31,860.00, a savings of $10,910.99 .

Successful appeal of 3 condominium units in Union City, Hudson County, resulted in yearly savings for each unit owner in excess of $4,600 .

Ridgewood property s assessment reduced from $3,600,000 to $3,000,000. Savings over three years was in excess of $19,900 .

NJ Civil Attorney / New Jersey Civil Trial Lawyer Douglas M. Standriff is helping New Jersey home owners in Bergen and Essex counties lower their NJ property taxes and assessment through residential tax appeals. This NJ Civil Attorney also represents clients in personal injury cases such as auto accidents and dog bite cases. Douglas M. Standriff Esq. is a leading New Jersey Civil Trial attorney and is certified by the Supreme Court of NJ, as well as the an Appeal in the New Jersey Tax Court. This New Jersey (NJ) Civil attorney (lawyer) represents Bergen County homeowners in their residential tax appeals, as well victims injured in auto accidents, accidents, and other situations involving serious personal injury and wrongful death. Are you looking to find a NJ attorney? Looking to a hire a new jersey lawyer in Bergen County NJ? Do you need a lawyer to handle your lawsuit dealing with injuries or have a serious injury case in Bergen County? Whether you are injured in an auto accident, had an automobile accident in NJ, or a car accident, dog bite claim insurance,or truck or construction injury. Doug Standriff, NJ Civil Attorney can help. Feel free to contact this New Jersey (NJ) civil attorney or lawyer with Bergen County NJ offices. Located in Ridgewood, NJ (New Jersey), this NJ lawyer handles tax appeal cases in NJ courts, as well as residence or residential appeals in front of the NJ county tax board. So if you want to know how to lower your NJ property taxes or you are a New Jersey homeowner in Bergen County NJ or in the town of Franklin Lakes NJ, Oradell New Jersey, Hillsdale NJ, Montclair New Jersey, feel free to contact this NJ Civil Attorney to save money on your property taxes this year.

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