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Nov 30 2017

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Leading Outsourced Call Centre Services From CALLCARE

In today’s highly competitive market place, no company can afford to miss a business opportunity.

By employing an outsourced call centre such as CALLCARE, you can increase your consistency of service to important clients and valuable contacts. Additionally, using an outsourced contact centre offers you the support and reassurance that you will never miss a potential business opportunity again.

We outsourced the call handling for our campaign as we needed to be able to provide a round the clock, consistent response for all authorities across the region. CALLCARE provided us with a professional and pro-active service, and we’ve found them to be easy to work with and set up operations for us.

Rochdale Council

An outsourced call centre service works by answering every incoming call your company receives, or just those that your business simply cannot manage.

A friendly, experienced and professional call operator will then direct the call to the relevant person within your company or take a message and email it directly to the intended recipient.

CALLCARE will respond to calls based on your exact requirements and will terminate any calls from callers that you do not want to talk to, and we do this professionally and sensitively. This ensures that your time is spent on the more important business activities of opening up more sales opportunities and attracting new clients, rather than answering and directing calls.

If you’d like more information about CALLCARE’s outsourced call centre service, get in touch now.

Call Centre Outsourcing

Call centre outsourcing is beneficial to those seeking an emergency 24/7 response line for last minute call outs from clients or those made in unsociable hours. The advantage of using CALLCARE for these calls is that your company becomes known for its impressive customer care and immediate responses.

CALLCARE’s 24 hour response lines can also be used to support your marketing and advertising needs. We can provide a dedicated phone number which contacts can call to request a brochure, press pack or any other information. Their details are stored for future use and any bookings or orders can be dealt with straight away.

CALLCARE can also make outbound calls to your client list should you decide to conduct surveys or questionnaires as part of your marketing activity. We can also set up an interpreter service for any international callers, should the requirement arise. This once again provides greater customer satisfaction, consistency and a valuable company image, which are all vital aspects to any successful company.

CALLCARE’s 24/7 operation makes us an ideal partner for those companies wanting a dedicated and trustworthy disaster recovery system. In case of an emergency or system failure, CALLCARE can seamlessly manage your communications to ensure you never miss a call, even in the most difficult of situations.

Additionally, with many companies now operating internationally and staff travelling and working independently, it is much more difficult to sustain contact with a lone worker . An outsourced call centre such as CALLCARE can provide a constant line of communication with any of your staff working away. This not only improves your employee safety but also provides peace of mind to you as an employer.

Inbound Call Centre Services

Benefits to your staff

When you experience a high volume of inbound calls on a daily basis, your staff may find it difficult to keep on top of call answering in addition to their daily tasks. When you outsource your call handling to CALLCARE, all your calls will be answered in one of our three UK-based inbound call centres.

Whether you need your CALLCARE team to obtain caller information, answer questions directly, take messages or transfer the call, CALLCARE tailor a service to suit the way your company operates. Your in-house team are freed to concentrate on their existing workload without having to worry about call answering.

Benefits to your customers

Your customers will value the high quality service that you are able to guarantee when you partner with CALLCARE. No longer will your callers expect long hold times or automated voice mail services when they call your company, upholding your good reputation.

You are able to customise our inbound call centre services so that your call answering works to the exact needs of your business. We work with you to develop a bespoke call handling plan and tailor a price package to suit you. Your staff and customers get the best possible service when you partner with CALLCARE.

If you’d like more information about CALLCARE’s inbound call centre service, get in touch now.

Virtual Call Centre Services

We review the needs of your business to develop a bespoke service that is tailored for you. We provide you with call answering support, answering your calls quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of a virtual call centre?

When you partner with CALLCARE, you are guaranteed that each of your callers will receive the highest level of customer care whenever they reach your virtual call centre. You can ensure that your clients will never be met by an answer phone or put on hold, increasing customer satisfaction when dealing with your company.

Additionally, you will find that by outsourcing your call handling to CALLCARE’s virtual call centre, your internal staff will be able to optimise their time because they will not be overwhelmed by a high volume of inbound calls. Instead, your in-house team are free to concentrate on the most important calls.

Finally, you will experience the benefits of this cost-effective service from CALLCARE. Enlist the help of CALLCARE’s virtual call centre services and save money on recruiting and training your own in-house team. Get all the benefits of full time call answering with CALLCARE without the hassle or expense.

If you’d like more information about CALLCARE’s virtual call centre service, get in touch now.

Out of Hours Call Centre 24 Hour Call Centre Services

Never miss another call or new business opportunity again and ensure your customers always experience the highest level of personal and friendly customer service. Respond to your customers’ and potential clients’ needs by giving them the service they rightly demand.

We handle your calls from our call centres throughout the UK, according to your instructions. You decide how you use our service. We can take your calls when your in-house operators are busy, or over-night keeping you available to customers 24/7.

Pass on the benefits of CALLCARE’s out of hours call centre services to your staff and to your callers. The service is quick and easy to set up and you won’t have to worry about your call answering capabilities or missed business opportunities. Stay well-managed, responsive and successful with CALLCARE’s call handling solutions.

If you’d like more information about CALLCARE’s out of hours call centre service, get in touch now.

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