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Jul 31 2017

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Law Enforcement Grade Covert Cameras and DVR Monitors Everything

No one will suspect that this ordinary looking rear view mirror is actually a hidden camera recording high quality video surveillance of your vehicle, inside and out. Record up to 4 angles at the same time on a single DVR – front, back, side, and interior, for the best surveillance available. Complete with an internal microphone, you can be sure to capture both audio and video for all your documentation and surveillance needs.

Automatic Switching Color to Infrared Night Vision – Surveillance Day or Night

Record day and night time surveillance with the automatically switching color to infrared night vision feature. The system will detect low light and automatically switch from D1 color video to extreme low light infrared nightvision.

Record up to 24 hours of high resolution D1 video directly to your Rear View Mirror Hidden Camera’s internal memory. You can quickly and easily access your video surveillance footage and review it without interrupting real-time monitoring. Fast forward, zoom in, rewind, and more. Complete with watermark encryption, you will get the same powerful surveillance capabilities used and trusted by law enforcement agencies including NYPD undercover units.

  • Police investigations
  • For insurance purposes
  • Commercial vehicles – used by Fedex
  • Private security firms
  • Covertly monitor your mobile operations

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