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Dec 27 2017

Real Estate Business Management and Lead Generation

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Firepoint has revolutionized my business. Having been on two other top systems and CRM s, I immediately saw the value in what the Firepoint team created. What I love most is that this system was created by real estate professionals, not just web developers who thought they knew the needs of agents. Every serious agent or team owner needs to be on this system.

Firepoint was a game changer for us. Operating on multiple platforms made us inefficient. After switching to Firepoint, our productivity increased 25-50%. Now I can’t imagine running our team without Firepoint’s lead distribution rules they are much more robust than a simple round robin approach. I believe that Firepoint is THE all-in-one solution for the real estate industry.

Saul Zenkevicius #34 Team in the U.S. 300-500 homes sold per year

Firepoint helped me easily transition from another system I was using and now I can manage all of my team’s leads, tasks, and past clients in one place. Our other lead sources come into Firepoint automatically so my agents never have to log into another system. Firepoint increased my company’s productivity and systematically changed the way I manage my business.

Jeffrey Chubb #1 RE/MAX Agent in Boston, MA

I d like to thank Firepoint for the impeccable customer service! I had an issue of a listing not appearing on my site. Within 30 mins at 9:30pm a Rep was working to resolve the problem. And on Monday my Account Rep called to follow up to make sure all was well. 5 STAR customer service is very rare these days. Firepoint Client Care goes the extra mile!

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