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Apr 15 2018

Salinas Divorce – Family Law Center

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Attorney Tina Trujillo

Monterey College of Law Juris Doctorate 1997 University of San Francisco B.S. 1988

As a divorce practitioner with years of experience I find that most clients come to me in a state of confusion, stress and uncertainty over what happens to them in divorce proceedings and other family law related matters that is why we ve put this site together.

Hello and Welcome Please take a look around you will find a lot of information on the divorce and the family law process here in the Salinas area. Once you have looked around read up on your situation if you think you would like a good Divorce or Family Law Lawyer on your side, please give me a call at

(831) 531-2611

I know this area of law can be stressful and that is why we spent the time to put pages and pages of information online to assist you you will find many of your questions answered in relation to the following areas we cover (just click on the subject matter at the top of the page):

* Divorce
* Legal Separation
* Child Custody and Visitation
* Support
* Marital Property and Debt Division
* Judgment/Order Modification and Enforcement
* Paternity
* Adoption
* Guardianship
* Restraining Orders
* Domestic Violence

If you need more information than what you find here you may want to go to the Monterey Superior Court Family Law Website .

If you need access to forms you can go this family legal forms page .

We wish you well and good luck getting your legal challenges behind you.

Quick Important Information Regarding Your Children: If your issues affect the child, to that extent they can be considered in deciding custody and visitation, but only to that extent. The best interests of the child standard is not an exact one and will be seen differently be each person. Your job is to keep the discussion of your plan of custody and visitation focused on that test, however. After you arrive at your initial plan, there will be many issues that come up later that will require each of you to step back, set aside what you may personally want, and look impartially at what is best for the child.

The ultimate resolution, of course, is in your hands. Open communication in which each of you is able to separate issues involving your child(ren) from the other issues involved in your separation and divorce is extremely helpful. That is what all the professionals are going to try to help you with anyway. Remember, that child is a human being, not a possession you are dealing with.

Thank You For Taking Your Time To Come To Our Site If You Found It Helpful, Please Tell Your Friends and Family About Us.

Past Current Client Testimonials

If Your Smart, You’ll Hire Christina First
I made the mistake of talking with Attorney Trujillo, but not hiring her at first thinking I could do it myself. What a mistake, luckily she was able to fix several mistakes I made without costing me too much extra. Unfortunately I didn’t follow her advice to file before my wife. but it eventually worked out once I started following her advice. Highly recommended.
Juan, Salinas

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