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Jan 14 2018

Seattle Jobs Initiative, seattle jobs.#Seattle #jobs

seattle jobs

You can help us reach our goal of $10,000 as we close the celebration of our 20th Anniversary!

Make your gift today and support workforce education training programs in your community.

Seattle jobs

Day of Caring

This Day of Caring, ten SJI program participants received new laptops to support their journey through training, job search, and employment. Skilled volunteers worked one-on-one with participants to set up their new computers and share technical knowledge.

Seattle jobs

SJI to Lead SNAP to Skills Project

The USDA s Food Nutrition Service has named Seattle Jobs Initiative to lead the nation s first Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to Skills project.

Seattle jobs


SJI is available to provide individual advising and technical assistance to your state agency or organization on building and operating an effective SNAP E T program.

Seattle jobs

Our Mission

Seattle Jobs Initiative creates opportunities for people to support themselves and their families through living-wage careers.

Seattle jobs

Connecting to Opportunity

Ellen s story showcases the positive role the SJI program can play in helping Seattle residents make the important connections between skills, employer partners, good jobs, continued college attainment, and simply: opportunity.

Seattle jobs

Seattle jobs

SJI can provide you with the training and support you need to get a quality job.

Seattle jobs

Looking for research, program design or evaluation assistance? Building a SNAP E T program? SJI can help.

Seattle jobs

SJI is a local leader in providing in-depth labor market analysis and college attainment research and tools.

“Seattle is a place of so much promise and progress, but as a City Councilmember I saw too many people left behind for whatever reason. Mismatched skills, early mistakes, and systems that don’t work for everyone. Seattle Jobs Initiative combines whole systems change with attention to giving individuals in our community the path to not just a job, but a career. This is how we’re breaking long-term cycles of poverty and we’re doing it. You see it in the faces of SJI graduates and in the program evaluations. Seattle Jobs Initiative is built from and continues to demonstrate proven success.” Sally Clark, Director of Regional and Community Relations at the University of Washington, former Seattle City Council President, & current member of SJI Board of Directors

“The Annie E. Casey Foundation has invested in and supported the Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI) for over twenty years. Our hope was to help create an innovative, adaptive and results focused intermediary same day loans, atv accessories that could create pathways to good jobs and careers for low-income workers in Seattle’s dynamic labor market. SJI has fulfilled our hopes many times over and we are continually impressed by its ability to stay focused while reinventing itself to achieve better results. Few workforce organizations, in our experience, demonstrate this combination of flexibility and high quality implementation.” Bob Giloth, Vice President, Center for Community and Economic Opportunity at Annie E. Casey Foundation

The skills I gained in the SJI program were the right skills – what I learned in class I use on-the-job. A real key was that the SJI instructors and staff really taught us about responsibility, being accountable and managing our time well – those things are so important. Ellen, SJI Office Occupations Graduate

I find it fitting that we have all become welders, because before today, I felt like a million broken pieces. With the help of everyone here, I have been welded back together, better than before, stronger, and with the ability that – should I ever break again – I’ll know how to fix myself. Thank you. Marcus, SJI Welding Graduate

Seattle Jobs Initiative has made significant contributions to the field of education and skills training through their research and report writing. In your reports and research you have identified the needs and conditions of low-skill adults, strengths and weaknesses of state and local policies and programs, and opportunities for improving those policies and programs to produce better outcomes. Deborah Povich, Manager, Working Poor Families Project

It’s awesome that you give us an opportunity to make something of our lives. A lot of us had lost hope in our lives and for getting a second chance, and you guys have given us a second chance, and I really appreciate it. Jon, SJI Welding Graduate

Great Healthcare Job Trends Report! As program coordinator and medical business faculty, I’m expected to keep current on the job related topics emerging in business and specifically medical business information technology. Being kept abreast of what medical employers are seeking in the way of employees is key to my ability to create and instruct in the topics that employers need and want most. Thank you for sharing this information with me. Jennifer Evans, Instructor, South Seattle Community College

“In the past four years of working with Seattle Jobs Initiative, I’ve witnessed some amazing growth and development in people searching for work with a livable wage. SJI provides a safe environment for people to assess and overcome their challenges that are preventing from reaching that goal. I’m proud to contribute to this admirable work, and encourage others to help as they can.” Beth Maurer, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Benefits Manager at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center

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