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Oct 16 2017

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Request Management System to accelerate support

Support Request Software Maximize employee productivity by responding to requests faster. The HappyFox service request management system allows you to keep track of all the requests that come into your system. HappyFox is a multi-channel request management software which supports requests via email, live-chat and voice calls. Role based Access Control Not all of your support staff will be able to handle all the requests. Categorize the requests based on their severity and complexity, limit access accordingly and make sure that no service request is stuck in the wrong employee’s support queue. SLA Management HappyFox brings about a novel way for service request management by giving you a flexible SLA model. Based on your work schedule, you can decide how many hours of the day are to be calculated for the SLA, so that you can exactly track the time spent on a ticket and improve performance.

Custom Fields Requests can be submitted via customizable web forms provided by HappyFox. You can associate these custom fields to single or multiple categories, use these fields to manage additional contacts, ticket specific information etc. Measure Performance The easiest way to optimize the effort of your help desk staff is to measure their performance, identify areas of improvement and eliminate pain points that might cause delays in service delivery. HappyFox is a request tracking software that provides useful reports of your staff performance which you can even schedule periodically to be received on your mailbox. Simplified Request Management HappyFox request management system lets you clone, merge or relate similar tickets so that you do not have multiple tickets of the same type sitting and clogging your system and utilizing more of your support staff effort. Split issues and attach relevant images to make identifying tickets easier.

Always stay on top of all support requests with HappyFox Request Management

More accurate internal support

Faster ticket resolution with flexible SLAs

Manage correspondence with efficient responses

Boost performance of support staff

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