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Mar 14 2018

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Shredding in Houston – Document Paper Shredding

There is a huge cost savings by using a shredding vendor; no equipment to buy, no staff to pay and no material to dispose of but more importantly it is the responsibility of the company to insure individuals private information is disposed of properly. Identity Theft affects over ten million people a year. There are 19 new victims of identity theft every minute of every day. Privacy laws have been created and enforced to insure that employees and individuals are protected from carelessness and neglect. Small and large companies have to insure sensitive information is disposed of properly.

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Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives contain more data than most file rooms. Most of the data is sensitive and confidential and must be protected. Simply deleting important files is not enough. Formatting, degaussing or erasing your hard drive will not guarantee you that your information has been eliminated. The only true way to insure your information is gone is by physically destroying your hard drive. AmeriTex offers several methods to physically destroying your hard drives.

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Records Storage

Having the accessibility to your records as well as staying compliant to laws can be challenging. Not to mention the cost of storing documents and paying your staff to retrieve files. Our records storage facility ensures the security and confidentially of both active and inactive files while our inventory management system enables bar code tracking and quick retrieval of your records. Your information will be safe in our 24 hour monitored facility with wall to wall sprinkler / fire system. Our facility is climate controlled and access is by escort only.

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Product Destruction

Simply tossing out material because of a misspelling or a defect can lead you to a law suit, not to mention the possibility of other lost revenues. Items that have any value will certainly end up on the 2nd market with no profits going to your company. When any items do not meet your seal of approval or items that you do not feel comfortable throwing out we have an option for you. AmeriTex can destroy your material/product at your location or ours.

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