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May 27 2017

Six insanely cheap destinations for summer 2015 #medical #travel #insurance

#cheap travel destinations

Six insanely cheap destinations for summer 2015

This summer, why not go where the prices are unusually cheap and the dollar is unexpectedly strong? By weighing hotel rates and airfare prices alongside industry trends and local currencies, we’ve come up with six suggestions for fabulous and unquestionably budget-friendly vacations. The following destinations offer an appealing combination of low-season pricing, plenty of bargains, and awesome attractions for summer 2015.


Since the biggest financial piece of your trip to Europe will likely be your flight, you’ll save a ton by traveling to a destination with relatively lower ticket costs for those departing from the U.S. According to data from Hopper, Istanbul is one of the cheapest European cities to fly to this summer. One-way tickets from New York cost about $605. And our parent company TripAdvisor named Istanbul one of the 10 cheapest Europe flights to grab this summer. with an average round-trip ticket price of $1,197.

The steady expansion of Turkish Airlines is partly why flights to Istanbul are so affordable right now. Turkish operates direct flights to Istanbul from 12 destinations in the Americas. This year so far, the airline has added new routes from San Francisco and Miami.

New York

We know, we know: New York seems out of place on this list of ultra-affordable destinations. But hear us out. You can, in fact, plan a New York vacation this summer for quite cheap — without having to bunk in a hostel or go dumpster diving. Just in time for summer, New York’s tourism board is running a “Free in NYC” campaign in an attempt to lure budget travelers to the city. Check out the guide to learn about dozens of free activities and events around the city, from food festivals to outdoor yoga to a swing dance flash mob.

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