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Oct 6 2017

Snmp subagent #snmp #subagent


  • OpenSNMP: Our sister SNMPv3 reference release: A C++, threaded, modular snmpv3 reference implementation.
  • Net-Policy. Net-Policy is a highly-scalable, role-and-policy based network management system. It distrubutes configuration to a network primarily through the SNMP protocol. (Its initial configuration mechanisms are designed for IPsec VPN management.) Stop configuring your SNMP agents one host at a time!
  • snarl-snmp. snarl (Snmp based Network Application for Remote Logging and monitoring) is an active MIB module for net-snmp-5.0.3 and higher to actively monitor dynamic web applications. snmp traps are sent and escalated on alarms
  • netsnmpj. NetSNMPJ is a open source java library that implements a java API around the Net-SNMP code base.
  • Jasmin: A DISMAN-SCRIPT-MIB implementation. This is a third party MIB module that implements the DISMAN-SCRIPT-MIB for use with a the Net-SNMP agent. The implementation supports multiple languages and runtime systems and A script MIB extensibility protocol (SMX) to plugin additional runtime systems.
  • Fetchlog. The fetchlog utility fetches and converts the last new messages of a logfile similar to tail. Together with Net-SNMP it can be used to look in remote logfiles or to monitor logfiles, for example with Nagios .
  • SNMPTT. SNMPTT is a SNMP trap handler written in Perl for use with the Net-SNMP snmptrapd program. Received traps are translated into friendly messages using variable substitution.
  • Zenoss. Zenoss is an enterprise grade monitoring system that provides Inventory/Configuration, Event, Performance and Availability management in a single integrated package. It is written in Python using the Zope web application framework and Twisted network programming environment. It has pre-built templates for devices with Net-SNMP installed. Zenoss is written to be easy to use for a beginner, yet flexible and powerful enough for the advanced user.
  • OpenNMS. OpenNMS is the world’s first enterprise grade network management application platform developed under the open source model. Implemented in Java and designed to scale to manage tens of thousands of nodes, OpenNMS automatically performs both fault and performance management functions against any Net-SNMP agents in your environment.

Other sources of information about SNMP in general

IETF and SNMP protocol standards related information

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