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Oct 17 2017

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Solar Panels

We have solar panels for off grid and grid tied systems. We believe our prices to be the lowest. If you see a lower price, be sure to let us know and we will beat it! Call us for super low ball grid tie and off grid solar quote.

Kyocera was one of the first commercially produced solar panels available in the USA. We have first hand experience with Kyocera Solar since the early eighties and they are great with warranty and customer service.

Solar Panels

Solar panel or photovoltaic have not changed much over the years. There are some promising new solar panel technologies however there hasn’t been a significant solar panel breakthrough that has become commercially available in the last 25 years. On the bright side, solar panel pricing has continued to go down while solar panel efficiencies have continued to increase. This combination of solar panel pricing and solar panel efficiency combined with high electric and fuel costs make today a great time to consider solar panels for your home or business.

Home Solar Panels

Home solar panels are the fastest growing segment of the business. Home solar panels or photovoltaic can be used on or off grid. If you have no electricity, you can have an off grid solar home. An off grid solar home is where energy produced by the sun is stored in DC (direct current) batteries and then converted into AC (Alternating Current/household) through the use of an off grid inverter. On the other hand if your home is connected to the utility’s power grid then you are a candidate for a grid connected or grid-tied home solar panels. There is a major advantage of having a grid connected home. Think of your utility company as a 100% efficient battery bank that never needs replacing and its free.

Buying Solar Panels

When buying solar panels there are more things to consider that just price per Watt. Certainly money is important and that is why we buy direct from the solar panel factories. Most solar panels have a warranty of at least 230 years. With current economic conditions it might be worth considering will the solar panel manufacture be here 20 years from now. There are several technologies available however here the most important thing to consider in most cases is price per watt.

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