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Jan 12 2018

SSTG Training Ship – s Officers for over 35 years, navy careers.#Navy #careers

navy careers

Navy careers

Navy careers

SSTG Training Ship s Officers for over 35 years.

The Ship Safe Training Group Ltd (or SSTG) has provided an entry route for Deck, Engineer and Electro-Technical Officer Cadets wanting to pursue a career at sea in the Merchant Navy for over 35 years.

Why choose a Career at Sea?

The British Merchant Navy is an integrated fleet of sophisticated vessels of all sizes operated by independent commercial companies. This provides an exciting range of career paths and opportunities to not only travel to far-flung destinations, but also to secure employment working ashore later in your career.

The maritime sector is the third largest revenue generator in the UK, with more than 95% of Britain’s goods imported and exported aboard ships.

Navy careers

What type of ships can I work on?

There are very few industries offering such exciting work-place diversity. Ship types are diversified and range from passenger, cargo, and mining support to repair, scientific exploration and deep-sea towage.

Training to become a Deck, Engineer or Electro-Technical Officer.

There are three specialist roles. Deck Officers (sometimes referred to as Navigating Officers) are responsible for navigating the ship safely. Engineer Officers and Electro-Technical Officers specialise in the complex control systems that control their vessels’ operation.

Navy careers

Entry-levels and qualifications

The most common is the Foundation Degree in England and the equivalent Professional Diploma in Scotland. These include the internationally recognised Certificate of Competency (CoC) required by all officers to serve at sea. You will have a choice of higher qualifications later in your career.

Merchant Navy Officer Training?

You time at college is interspersed with hands-on training at sea, providing you with experience learning critical tasks and routines required to ensure the vessel’s safe and efficient operation.

Navy careers

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