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Feb 27 2018

StartWright � is the leading reference site for the information needs of information technology project

Project Management Tools Directory

A comprehensive directory of project management (pm) tools, templates, and software for all platforms (PC, UNIX, MAC, iPad, Android) including open source, freeware and for sale.

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Checklists and templates

Methods123.com a Project Management Methodology which provides you with all of the documents,processes, tools, templates and methods required in order to succeed as a Project Manager. These tools are an integral part of the Method123 project lifecycle. 12 Templates free!

ProgramControl.com makes available for download preformatted and customized templates for managing a wide range of projects. Templates include renovation, systems integration, network implementation, software validation, etc.

Mindjet used to brainstorm during initial project planning; quickly capture and organize ideas and information using an interface that is both easy to use and to understand; and concisely communicate even very complex information using a non-text-intensive visual format.

TRUEreq offers a collaborative workspace for specifying and launching new products. It helps geographically dispersed constituents�product managers, project managers, designers, contract developers, marketing and sales executives, purchasing managers, ad agencies, PR firms, QA managers, and patent attorneys�compress time and increase accountability. TRUEreq’s easy-to-use Web-based approach and economic pricing model make it easy for companies to easily get started. Currently we are offering 3 free full featured user licenses. This gives the managers the ability to experience for themselves the power of TRUEreq.

Project Management – Germany / Projektmanagement – Deutschland

Tampier Software – Systemhaus f�r Projektmanagement A system house for project management with many years of experience (since 1985) as well as the sales and maintenance of program products (ACOS PLUS.1, ACOS WEB, ACOS Compact, Ado x, Sygate Firewall, Sygate Office network, Sygate Home network, Pop Connect)

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