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Mar 12 2018

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Stein Mart Application Careers

Stein mart careers

Stein Mart is a retail company which has been in the industry since 1908, founded by Sam Stein, a Russian Jewish immigrant. It has been in operation in 29 states with about 260 stores overalls. The company provides home decor, accessories and shoes for men and women at a discounted rate. In order to be a part of this vast network, you need to apply for jobs at Stein Mart. You need to check out their career section and fill in the application for Stein Mart.

Founded by Sam Stein, the store carried general merchandise until his death. Upon his death, his son Jake took over the company and redirected its focus to discounted clothing. Later under Jay Stein, the company grew from three store to 40 stores and then to 123 stores very soon. The company was founded in Greenville, Mississippi.

The company focuses on providing items at a discounted pricing, it mainly deals with apparel. Other merchandise include footwear, linens, home decor, boutiques and fashion jewelry. It holds an ‘Attitude’ section which carries clothing for women, which are of the latest trends.

Its vision and mission includes to provide valuable service to its customers effectively and efficiently. The company is set to delight its customers by the providing a customer service filled with friendliness and caring and a sense of urgency and great execution. And to be a part of this wonderful organization all you need to do is apply for Stein Mart jobs by downloading the printable application for Stein Mart or directly apply online using the online application form in their career website.

Stein Mart Careers

Careers are of two categories Retail Careers and Corporate Careers. In Retail careers there are different opportunities such as service associate, cash office audit associate, merchandising lead, customer service lead, operations lead, receiving supervisor, store manager and area manager.

In corporate careers, there are plenty of opportunities in Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Information and Technology, Audit, Operations, Real Estate, Supply Chain and Marketing and Advertising. Stein Mart careers would get you competitive salaries, considered the best in the industry.

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How old do you have to be to work at Stein Mart? You need to be at least 16 years old to find any employment with Stein Mart. Only 16 year old or older people can be selected for any career opportunity with Stein Mart. Entry level positions can be easily obtained by any employment seeker. These positions often do not require a background check on you.

Stein Mart Careers would provide certain career benefits such as competitive health care insurance benefits and related services. The company provides you a 25% discount on purchases made at Stein Mart. The company also provides financial advice to its employees, along with providing attractive investment opportunities for them. A job here will provide you a guaranteed health care, dental care, vision care, retirement plan (401 k), paid leave, life insurance, dedicated pharmacy program and many more.

Working hours at Stein Mart would usually be from 10 in the morning to 9 in the evening every day except on sunday where the working hours would start from 12 in the noon to 6 in the evening. Even these working hours can be based on whether the company is hiring you as a part time employee or a full time one.

Stein Mart Job Descriptions

The company provides job descriptions for every one of the job opportunities very clearly and after you go through them, you can apply online for these jobs for various locations.

Service Associate These associates are the backbone for the store’s operations, their responsibilities include working at cash registers, cleaning, helping customers with their merchandise, cleaning and offering helpful advice based on their product knowledge. The salary usually starts with $10 per hour.

Merchandising Lead These associates act as area managers as well as merchandising managers. Their responsibilities include creating and maintaining enticing displays for their products sold. They need to have an eye for fashion and organization capabilities and team working skills. The pay usually ranges from $10 $13 per hour.

Customer Service Lead These associates would be needed to maintain proper service provided to the customers, they need to make sure the entry level associates and all the employees to maintain and provide excellent customer service. The company usually hires experienced people for this position with a higher education level to fill higher positions. Their annual salary ranges between #30,000 to $40,000 per year.

Store Manager The responsibilities for this role include dealing with customer’s issues and maintaining exchanges and train the new associates. The pay usually ranges between $12- $13 per hour. They need train associates and foster an exciting working atmosphere.

Area Manager These positions would be offered to people who show promise in the areas of organization, delegation, planning and communication. They are needed to maintain smooth operating and working conditions at all the locations. People with relevant experience would generally be hired for this post. The role demands them to have computer skills and for them to meet sales goals and to increase the profits for the company. The pay for them usually ranges between $35000 to $75000 per year.

Stein Mart Interview Questions

Below are some interview questions which would generally be asked and these will help you prepare for the interview.

Why do you want to work for Stein Mart? This is a commonly asked question and you need to be prepared for this, here you need to provide key aspects of the company, why you like the company and so on.

How do you think you will perform here? You should be confident in providing your answer for this, even though it might seem a simple question it tests your confidence,

What experience do you have based on your work history? You should be able to tell where all you worked and why you think you are relevant for that position.

What’s your availability? You would be asked for the time frames which you are comfortable working at, you should be truthful at the same time flexible.

What did you do in your last job? You should be able to clearly tell what all responsibilities you had in your last job.

Advice for Application Process

Here we would tell you how to apply for Stein Mart online. There is no printable application form available for Stein Mart. You need to apply for Stein Mart jobs online only and you cannot download application form too. However the online Stein Mart application is a free application and you need only fill in the relevant details online and direct application can be done to Stein Mart’s jobs.

You cannot send multiple Stein Mart applications at once, you can however apply for multiple positions at multiple locations throughout the year. You need to make sure all the fields are filled in with relevant details as you are likely to be asked interview questions based on what you have filled in your applications only.

The interview process is fairly simple, the Stein Mart applications need to be filled online and submitted. Later on when the relevant positions are open for hiring, they would call you or even you can follow up with them for the same. Not so frequent follow ups are to be done if felt necessary. You need to make sure you keep a copy of your resume on you when you attend the interview in the local Stein Mart store.

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