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Mar 22 2018

Surgical Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorneys, mesh lawyers.#Mesh #lawyers


Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Thousands of people across the country have filed lawsuits over surgical hernia mesh complications. You may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer of the defective device if you have had a hernia mesh implanted 2006 or later.

Have you experienced complications from a Hernia Mesh implant?

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Information about the Lawsuit

Have you or a loved one suffered from hernia mesh complications? If so, let us help you hold the manufacturers accountable. We are here to answer any and all of your questions regarding mesh revisions, infections, adhesions, or mesh removal surgeries. We ll also check to see if your hernia mesh has been recalled and verify your eligibility to file a claim against the manufacturer. If our attorneys confirm your eligibility and we take your case, we will pursue justice for you by filing a hernia mesh lawsuit for compensation.

If you had surgery to repair an inguinal, abdominal, umbilical, groin, or incisional hernia and suffered complications, contact Baron Budd now.

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More Information

  • Physiomesh
  • Proceed
  • 3D Max Light Mesh
  • Synovis Surgical Innovations
  • Atrium Medical Corporation
  • C.R. Bard
  • UNK
  • Atrium C-QUR
  • Kugel Hernia Patch
  • AROA Biosurgery
  • Sepramesh
  • Kugel Mesh
  • Ethicon
  • Johnson Johnson
  • Surgipro Mesh
  • PerFix Hernia Plug

If you checked your mesh paperwork and found a matching brand name or product from the list above, and your revision or hernia repair surgery was in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016, you might be eligible to file a lawsuit against your manufacturer(s).

Physiomesh Problems

Physiomesh, also called Ethicon Physiomesh, is currently one of the most problematic types of surgical mesh used to repair hernias. In fact, Ethicon mesh implants were responsible for at least ten deaths according to the FDA s MAUDE database. Check your mesh model or brand in the MAUDE database to see if any reported deaths, injuries, infections, or any other adverse complications have been reported to the FDA.

Physiomesh brands that were implanted before the patient died include: PHYSIOMESH, PHYSIOMESH RECTANGULAR, PHYSIOMESH OVAL, and ETHICON PHYSIOMESH 20 30 CM.

Although the mesh implant you have does not need to be recalled for you to be eligible for a lawsuit, you can check to see if your specific mesh has been recalled on the FDA s official medical device recall page. Alternatively, you could also check the manufacturer s website. Your mesh implant need not be recalled for you to become eligible to file a claim for injuries or to receive lawsuit compensation.

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