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May 17 2018

Energy Report by Kevin Rosenberg, forex blogs.#Forex #blogs

PFGBEST.com The Energy Report by Kevin Rosenberg The Energy Report(8) Friday 7/6/12: With hopes dashed that the Norwegian oil strike was near its end and unexpectedly poor jobs data, August delivery for crude oil fell $2.77 points on Friday. Much of the break occurred in the short time following the US labor department’s report that nonfarm payrolls for June grew by just 80,000, well below analyst expectations of 100,000. Oil demand depends largely on global economic growth, and a poor jobs number only bolsters the fact that a full economic recovery is still in its infancy. Nearly two weeks into …

May 29 2017

Indonesia Travel Blogs, Photos and Forum #travel #span

#indonesia travel # Indonesia An archipelago of over 17,000 islands of which only 6,000 are inhabited, Indonesia remains a destination that cannot be covered in one or two brief trips. For those wanting to escape the popular hub of Bali, Indonesia provides plenty of less-travelled roads. In Northeast Sulawesi, one can find the city of Manado renowned for its exotic delicacies ranging from bat soup to dog or rat meat for the especially intrepid traveller. For those sticking to a safer diet of local nasi (“rice”) and delicious rendang (a local curry dish), there remains plenty of adventure in this …