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Jun 7 2018

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Mar 11 2018

Career in Fashion Designing, Careers and Career Option, careers in fashion.#Careers #in #fashion

Career in Fashion Designing Introduction Fashion design is the applied art devoted to the designing of clothing and lifestyle accessories. This art is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and has evolved over time and place. Fashion designing has come a long way from the designer clothes worn by the royalty of the ancient world to the haute couture products of the present. Step-by-Step To start a career as a fashion designer, two types of qualifications are required, that is, natural and acquired. Start Early The word fashion immediately conjures up images of glitz and glamour. The onset of the …

Jan 19 2018

Fashion Merchandising Job Description – Job Descriptions

#fashion #merchandising #colleges #online # Fashion Merchandising Job Description Fashion merchandising is a profession that incorporates the A-to-Z processes in the fashion business ranging from producing, product development, promoting and buying and selling fashion items such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and shoes. A fashion merchandiser may work for a textile manufacturer, a designer or a fashion retail outlet such as a department store, children’s clothing store or a discount store. He or she is well-versed with the fashion industry as well as the socio, cultural and economic aspects of textile production. A fashion merchandiser is also required to be …

Jan 16 2018

Fashion Focus: Double Rainbouu

#fashion #trends, #style #sense, #style, #fashion #tips # Fashion Focus: Double Rainbouu FRESH OFF THE RUNWAY Mikey Nolan is co-founder of Australian label Double Rainbouu, which cast vibrant vibes on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with their seventh collection Day Break Moon Club and is now headed to Italy for menswear mega-showcase Pitti Uomo. Here are some things you can learn about style in 2017 from Double Rainbouu. My partner Toby Jones and I started Double Rainbouu, and it s still just us it s like this sadistic thing where you re exhausted but you love it! Anyway, the idea came …

Nov 12 2017

Uberglam Fashion Design School #uberglam,school #of #fashion #design,school #of #fashion #design #gauteng,fashion #design #school #gauteng,school

# Were you the little one cutting up your mother s curtains and drawing on her walls when inspiration struck? Fashion design, patternmaking and sewing sound like crafts that need advanced skills, but the berGlam School of Fashion brings the artist out in any aspiring designer. Whether you are dreaming of being SA s next top designer, simply looking for a new and exciting skill or design hobby, or want to enhance your existing sewing or design skills, look no further, berGlam is ready to instruct you in the art of creating dazzling clothing and accessories. Our fashion design school …

Sep 12 2017

Universidad de Navarra-ISEM – Fashion Business School #fashion #school #ranking

# PADEM Programa Avanzado en Direcci n de Empresas de Moda 2017 Descargar informe Impacto Digital de las Marcas de Moda Infantil en Instagram American Fashion System Program Fashion Summer Course 2017 Curso English for Fashion Vaughan-ISEM Program in Social Innovation and Sustainability in Fashion Industry ISEM Fashion Business School-Universidad de Navarra Premio Nacional a la Academia y a la Cultura en el Sector de la Moda Disponible el estudio El Sector de la Moda en Espa a: Retos y desaf os El executive Fashion MBA, #1 en Luxury Management Fashion seg n el ranking Eduniversal M ster ejecutivo en …

Sep 4 2017

Style Design College #style #design #college, #fashion #courses, #graphic #design #courses, #photography #courses, #video #production

# Career Orientated / Skills Workshop – BA degree; Diploma or Certificate Description: Start your new career in the glitzy industry by joining this International accredited course created by successful, practising fashion designers. Learn the art of illustration stylized fashion drawings, learn to create and grade a pattern, construct garments from concept, pattern to finished product. Learn the properties characteristics of various fabrics. Designers study fashion trends, sketch designs of clothing and accessories, select colors and fabrics, and oversee the final production of their designs. Fashion Designers create and help produce men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, including casual wear, suits, …

Aug 13 2017

Fashion House Group #fashion #ecommerce #website

# Building strong long-term partnerships with our business partners is what we stand for. We believe the only way to do business is to embrace honesty, integrity and trust. Our ambition is to always create win-win relations in the outlet market, and to assist our partners’ businesses in their continued growth. We are dedicated to providing our tenants with an unprecedented range of options and top-notch service on the retail market. Currently, there are already over 250 globally and nationally recognised brands represented in various FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centres in Europe, such as: Adidas, Puma, Nike, BIG STAR, Gino Rossi, …

Aug 7 2017

Philadelphia University #philadelphia #university #admissions, #philadelphia #university, #philadelphia #college #of #textiles, #science, #design, #fashion, #architecture,

# Financial Aid Financial Aid Information At Philadelphia University, we are committed to making a high-quality, professional education affordable for every qualified student. If meeting educational costs is a concern, we encourage you to apply for financial aid, regardless of family financial circumstances. Over 90% of our students receive aid in the form of grants, loans, campus employment and/or scholarships. To learn about financial aid opportunities for you, click on the links to the right or contact us: Office of Financial Aid Useful Links Employer Tuition Discount Forms IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Process How to Apply for an FSA …

Jul 27 2017

Graphic Design #dublin #institute #design, #fashion #design #courses, #interior #design #courses, #graphic #design #courses, #web

# Associate Certificate in Graphic Design 10-week Associate Certificate in Graphic Design Course Description This comprehensive 10 week course introduces students to many of the key areas of graphic design, including illustration, idea development, typography, poster design, logo design and branding. Students use the industry-standard design software Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to create imaginative promotional design work. This course is suitable for those with, or without, design experience / education, who wish to develop the skills and knowledge of a graphic designer. This course fosters high standards of creativity, and provides a stimulating and encouraging learning environment. The course …

May 31 2017

Fashion Bug Credit Card Review: Should You Avoid It? #trw #credit #report

#fashion bug credit card # Fashion Bug Credit Card Review by CreditCardGuru Is a Fashion Bug credit card account a bad idea? Fashion Bug can be a great place to get a deal on plus size and misses clothing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their credit card is also deal. Whether you are a current cardholder or are wondering if you should apply for a Fashion Bug credit card, make sure you understand the pros and cons. There are two different credit cards offer: Fashion Bug card (regular) For each $100 spent the cardholder receives a $5 rebate certificate that …