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Apr 27 2018

PPT – Wharton Leadership Ventures Mt

#ppt, #powerpoint, #presentation, #slideshow, #slide #show, #free, #download, #6810308 # Wharton Leadership Ventures Mt. Cotopaxi Expedition, Ecuador – PowerPoint PPT Presentation Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world at 19,348 feet (more than 50 eruptions since 1738). From the summit you have an amazing view into the heart of the volcano. On average, 60% of climbers reach the summit of Cotopaxi (reasons differ: weather, physical conditioning, etc.). Wharton’s summit rate is slightly below the average. This trip is guided by Chris Warner and Adrian Ballinger from Earth Treks. Chris has successfully led several expeditions up Mt. Everest. Adrian …

Feb 11 2018

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Network Architecture, Traffic Engineering and Migration Solutions, mpls vpn ppt.#Mpls #vpn

# What is MPLS? Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a switching technology that regulates data traffic and packet forwarding in a complex network. A connection-oriented methodology that traverses packets from source to destination node across networks is what it does for fast packet transmission. It has the feature of encompassing packets in the presence different network protocols. In traditional IP routing, packets undergo analysis at each hop, followed by forwarding decision using network header analysis and then lookup in routing table. In an MPLS network, packets carrying data are assigned with labels on each node and the forwarding decision …

Sep 8 2017

PPT – eCRM system PowerPoint presentation #merlin, #flash, #ppt, #powerpoint, #presentation, #slideshow, #slide #show, #free

# eCRM system – PowerPoint PPT Presentation Transcript and Presenter’s Notes 1eCRM -system CRM relationship marketing or customer management eCRM sales force automation tool eCRM more active, customer-centric and information seeking than CRM Several eCRM technologies A lot of failures in CRM implementations 2Research papers Chen Qimei, Chen Hong-Mei. (2004). Exploring the success factors of eCRM strategies in practice Journal of Database Marketing Customer Strategy Management. Cunningham Colleen, Song Il-Yeol, Chen Peter P. (2006). Data Warehouse Design to Support Customer Relationship Management Analyses. Journal of Database Management Van Bentum Ralph, Stone Merlin (2005). Customer relationship management and the impact of …