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Apr 16 2018

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Time Management Courses

Our Advanced Time Management Courses are offered in three formats

  • Live time management workshops onsite for your organization
  • Online time management classes
  • Blended online courses with live workshops

Live training is delivered either by our facilitators or by individuals within your organization who have been certified to deliver our advanced time management workshops.

Online Time Management Courses

Our online curriculum consists of five 45 minute to one-hour courses delivered with unmatched quality of content, technology video and interactivity. Most importantly the ongoing retention and results of the tools taught is unequaled. The online time management courses do not have to be taken in one sitting as the users place is marked as they progress.

Live Time Management Workshops

Our acclaimed live time management workshops can be delivered in formats from one hour to one and a half days. Most common are the half-day and full-day time management workshops.

Blended Time Management Classes

The most effective and most popular methodology is web-delivered time management courses followed by a live workshop. Participants master the time management tools in the web-delivery and then apply them more specifically to their lives and your organization in the follow-on live time management workshops.

Trainer Certification

Trainer Certification of your staff to facilitate the live portion of the blended time management courses provides great flexibility for your organization and in depth application of the five time management tools. This is especially helpful when you have a number of people to train on an ongoing basis. Web-courses can be delivered on demand and you can schedule the live follow up for the time and number of participants that works best for you.

To view more details about the content and results of our time management courses please click here: Time Management Classes

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