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Jun 10 2017

Tokyo Real Estate Investment #real #estate #auction

#tokyo real estate

Rental Flow

Tokyo Real Estate Investment

Purchasing a property in Tokyo.

Tokyo Apartments (Enplus Inc.) specializes in real estate related services for non-Japanese expatriates and Multinational firms in Tokyo. We have built a strong network with major developers and landlords in Japan to provide various investment solutions in the real estate industry. Enplus provides both short and long-stay accommodation throughout central Tokyo, ranging from luxury serviced apartments to houses for rent. Our experience in the real-estate market and our ‘One Stop Solution’ enables you to find and purchase a property, lease the property while searching for a buyer, and then facilitate the necessary arrangements for selling the property.

Why use our service?

Why Tokyo?

With the upcoming Summer Olympics & Paralympics, and the Japanese government focusing on Tokyo as the financial hub in Asia, the Tokyo real estate market is on an upswing. With high ROI, and relatively low risks, there have been an increased flow of foreign investors.

Purchase Flow

Overseas investment has always been hindered by the legal, cultural, and language barriers that exist. This is especially the case in Japan, where these barriers are both apparent and prominent. We can provide you with the necessary support from purchases to sales.

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