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May 28 2017

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Fox Rent A Car

Terrible From Start to Finish (And Then Some)

By SaraLee1211 – 08/19/2013

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — First of all – the Fox rental location is not at the Las Vegas airport. It took us forever to figure this out. We drove to the airport rental car location and couldn’t see a sign for Fox anywhere. We eventually found an address and realized that it’s miles from the airport. When you book online, you choose the Las Vegas airport as the only location.

We finally figured out where to go and arrived at the counter and had to wait (which is normal) quite a while. There were employees helping other people and when they left, so did the employee. We were stuck with one old guy while all the other employees stood around and chatted. The man who helped us was incredibly slow. We were with him for over an hour (which we’ll never get back). We were told that the vehicle we had booked was not available (shocker).

Coming from another country means that we are not used to driving the massive vehicle that we were given. When we originally booked online the price we were quoted was $600 less than what we ended up being charged. The gentleman at the counter did try to find us discounts where he could, but in the end we paid so much more than what we thought we would. We ordered an infant seat and a child seat.

After the longest hour of our lives we were brought to our car and given the seats. We were told that because of liability they couldn’t help us install the seats. This was understandable, however they could not give us any information to help us. It was after 11pm at this time and after an hour wait we felt that this type of dismissal was unacceptable.

We had 2 children with their mother outside in the heat this entire time. The car seats in the US are different than the car seats in our country. Eventually when I got upset with an employee for not helping us at all he went and got a woman who came out and told us what to do. She didn’t show us – she just told us.

We asked how the infant seat would go backwards because we were having trouble with it and she said, “oh, none of our seats go backwards. Once the child is 3 months it can face forward.” I’d like to point out that it is Nevada state law that the child must face backwards until 1 year. If we had been in an accident with the child facing forward – this post would look a little different. How the hell does a rental car employee not know the laws that govern the state he/she works in. This alone should because for a complaint.

We also closely inspected the car seat the next day after some sleep and saw that it was a rear facing seat. The man who had originally found this woman to help us watched her telling us and then said, “Oh, I knew that.” Are you kidding me? We finally got everyone in the vehicle and were so happy to be leaving because we had now been at that god forsaken location for about an hour and a half.

As we got to the exit gate, the young man scanned our paperwork and VIN and declared that we had to go back to the office. The vehicle we had been given needed an oil change and he couldn’t let us leave. I told him under no circumstances was I going back up there and that he needed to call the guys up there. He tried calling twice and he said his managers weren’t answering.

Reluctantly we drove back up. I found 2 gentleman dressed differently to the rest of the staff, both standing out the front. I asked them if one of them could go and get a manager because I didn’t want to go back inside and wait in line again (and there was a much longer line at this point). They asked me why and I explained that we had been here for over an hour and a half, it was well after 11pm and we were given a vehicle we hadn’t asked for only to have it need an oil change.

The guy got totally defensive. “What do you want me to do about it?” he said. “I need to see a manager or I am going to lose it!” I said. Guess what he said? “I’m the manager.” “You can take this vehicle or I can get you a new one.” I reiterated that we had already been given a vehicle we hadn’t asked for and that we had been on site for a very long time and were very tired and would like to leave. “OK, what do you want me to do?” and the way he said it was totally confrontational and **.

I said, “tell me that we can take this vehicle and the guy at the gate will let us leave.” I was very frustrated at this time and I was completely shocked that the manager would not own this problem and try to help in any way. My boyfriend almost came over and beat the ** out of him for the way he was talking to me (take note, Fox Rent-A-Car Las Vegas manager – next time the guy may not have as much self control).

We finally got to leave. We called the Fox Rent-A-Car main line before we had to drop off our vehicle to make sure there wasn’t anything we needed to know about at drop off (ie would we be stuck there again for another hour and a half and be late for our flight). The woman on the phone said, “I don’t know, I don’t work in one of the offices.” She didn’t offer to give our local office a call or to help us out in any way. Not everyone visiting the States has access to the internet to look up numbers for everything.

The car was dirty btw. When we were flipping the car seat the next day, so that a child wouldn’t die when its spine was internally decapitated because baby’s spines aren’t fully developed when they’re months old, there was all kinds of disgusting crap between the seats and around the seat-belt area.

Finally, we just emailed the Fox Rent-A-Car live chat to get a mailing address for their corporate offices. Corresponding with ** was more frustrating than it should have been and at one point she actually typed to me, “No, I never said that. You said. ” when all the text was clearly visible as we were in an online chat. She told me there was no address and that I could call the office directly (even after I explained that I would like to have the office who oversees the Las Vegas office). She gave me an email address.

I said again that I would like a mailing address. She gave me the manager of the Las Vegas location’s phone number. Apparently she wasn’t getting it. I should have written it like she was 5. Why would I want to write a letter of complaint to the person who treated us badly? Obviously he doesn’t give a crap or else he would have helped us and his staff would be better at what they do. Every single point of customer service with this company was absolutely terrible.

When you’re getting a quote online it will not be correct as all the options are not available online. The staff (apparently all of them) are completely awful and unhelpful. The manager should not be a manager – he acted like a defensive child. Do not rent from this company. It is NOT worth the hassle.

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