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Mar 21 2018

Top hospitals in Houston – Houston Chronicle, best hospital in texas.#Best #hospital #in #texas


Top hospitals in Houston

Best hospital in texas

Best hospital in texas

Memorial Hermann Healthcare has multiple facilities around the city.

Memorial Hermann Healthcare has multiple facilities around the city.

Top hospital institutions in Houston ranked by the number of licensed beds:

Memorial Hermann Healthcare

Total licensed beds: 3,182

Annual admissions: 131,002

Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, 804 licensed beds

Memorial Hermann Southwest, 629

Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center, 426

Memorial Hermann Southeast, 274

Memorial Hermann Northeast, 255

Memorial Hermann The Woodlands, 252

Memorial Hermann Northwest, 238

Memorial Hermann Katy, 142

Memorial Hermann Sugar Land, 77

Total licensed beds: 2,596

Annual admissions: 104,439

Bayshore Medical Center, East Houston Regional Medical Center , 486

Conroe Regional Medical Center, 322

West Houston Medical Center, 267

Mainland Medical Center, 223

The Methodist Hospital System

Total licensed beds: 2,105

Annual admissions: 20,135

The Methodist Hospital, 1,119

San Jacinto Methodist Hospital, 392

Methodist West Houston Hospital, 100

St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System

Total licensed beds: 1,305

Annual admissions: 51,000

St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital – Texas Medical Center, 854

St. Luke’s Hospital at The Vintage, 106

St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital, 100

St. Luke’s Patients Medical Center (Pasadena), 61

St. Luke’s Lakeside Hospital – The Woodlands, 30

Total licensed beds: 1,120

Annual admissions: 23,146

Houston Northwest Medical Center, 430

Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center, 181

Total licensed beds: 1,019

Annual admissions: 9,384

Kindred Clear Lake, 110

Kindred Houston Medical Center, 110

Kindred Sugar Land, 105

Kindred North, 86

Kindred Spring, 85

Kindred Northwest, 84

Kindred East, 83

Kindred Tomball, 75

Kindred Bay Area, 74

Kindred Town and Country, 65

Kindred Heights, 42

Kindred Midtown, 40

Kindred Baytown, 37

Kindred Victoria, 23

Total licensed beds: 963

Annual admissions: 36,686

Total licensed beds: 792

Annual admissions: 17,891

Total licensed beds: 702

Annual admissions: 21,599

Texas Children’s Hospital, 555

Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, 99

Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus, 48

Total licensed beds: 619

Annual admissions: 25,967

Total licensed beds: 580

Annual admissions: 14,949

Total licensed beds: 413

Annual admissions: 29,061

Hospital Galveston (correctional facility), 74

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