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Aug 11 2017

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Mini Whiteboards: Old Fashioned Technology That Works Perfectly Today

A few weeks ago, I spent ages setting up https://getkahoot.com/ so my students could interact with an interactive whiteboard using their phones. It s awesome, fun technology that engages th.

Teaching Using Anecdotes and Stories

An anecdote (to quote OALD) is a short, interesting or amusing story about a real person or event . They are a great way of learning English, they are fun, entertaining and whether y.

8 Instant No Resource Warmers and Fillers

Finished all the material for your class and have ten minutes left to spare? Need a warmer to fill up the first ten minutes and get your class engaged? Sometimes the old tricks are the best and.

The Illiterate Teacher: First Hand Tips for Navigating a Culture That Doesn�t Speak English

Have you ever been illiterate? That s a crazy question, you might think. How on earth would I be reading a blog if I couldn t read? It s easier than you think. After completing.

Packing for an Overseas Classroom: Five Things You Should Make Room to Pack

I will never forget lugging a briefcase packed with teaching books, seriously the thing must have weighed fifty pounds, through the airport in Newark, NJ to LAX to Tokyo to Shanghai to Beijing. I.

What Do Beer and Vocabulary Have in Common? Teacher Trusted Tips for Making ESL Class Practical for Career Professionals

How many years have you been teaching? If you re in your first or second year, you probably remember a lot of what you have done in the classroom. Everything is fresh and new. But picture y.

Blessed Are the Flexible: Five Productive Activities for Unprepared Students

Teaching ESL isn t your average, everyday teaching kind of gig. When someone is a math teacher, for example, you probably picture them in front of a classroom full of twenty to thirty stude.

9 Ways to Develop as a Listening Teacher

Professional development refers to the various ways people can improve their skills and knowledge related to their field of expertise. In ELT, there are numerous options for pursuing professional.

How to Talk to Your Students: Ten Tips from a Retiring ESL Professional

I ve heard it said that teachers never truly retire. The lessons of their profession lends themselves to so many others walks of life, and emerges in such a variety of ways, that they remai.

Flashpoint: The South China Sea

An in-depth foreign policy class for Advanced ESL learners John Lennon begins one of his 1967 masterpieces with, I read the news today, oh boy If you have a TV, or internet.

Twin Peaks Third Season

To pay respect to one of my favorite shows, Twin Peaks, you can download a worksheet about the launch of its third season airing tonight. The fill-the-gaps reading focuses on present perfect.

Movie Worksheet: Leopards, a Bearcat & Penguin with Jack Hanna

This is part of The Late Late Show with James Corden and it’s hilarious but still very informative.This video and the exercises are useful for your classes if you talk about animals, nature, envir.

Movie Worksheet: Maleficent

I have designed this pdf for the film “Maleficent”. It includes two parts: first students are asked to match the names with the pictures, then they are asked to watch the film and write true or fa.

Daily Routine Game

It’s a game to practice the simple present using daily activities as vocabulary. My students liked it so much. It’s very simple to play. The teacher chooses one student that will begin. Afterwards.

Decimals – Tenths

This maths resource was created for primary/elementary school children and focuses on decimals and fractions. Students are asked to firstly write the decimal and then the fraction that is being sh.

Presenting an Animal

This is a speaking assignment. A2-level ss have to present an unknown animal by answering some questions in a PowerPoint presentation. The animals can be found in a list at switchzoo.com. The work.

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

The table logically shows the differences between comparative and superlatives adjectives and how to form them. It also explains the use of ‘more. than’ and ‘the most. ‘. My students find the.

I Love My Family

This is a simple and easy reading comprehension worksheet on the topic family, physical description and the present simple tense. The worksheet is available in both colour and black and white.

At a Restaurant – Tandem Cards

Tandem cards are a good possibility to practise dialogues. The pupils have to translate the sentences given. Partner A can control or help partner B because he/she has given the solutions for.

Song Worksheet: The Summer Set by Boomerang

A fun song which focuses on the second and first conditional. It also includes some gap-filling exercises. I had been listening to it for the past week and I felt like it deserved a special song w.

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