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Sep 5 2017

Trans Canada Car Rental – Car Rental – Etobicoke – Toronto, ON, Canada – Reviews

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Great price for value. A bit complicated with a shuttle bus to Viscount Station then our  luck that a driver was dropping off a client so we got picked right up.  Three clients were waiting for the one person who was checking people in.  Thirty-five minutes later we had keys in hand! A long process for great savings over the competitors.  Worth our time to save on the final bill.  They have a 59 minute grace period (yes, this still exists at this company) which was another savings for us.

TransCanada and NU Car Rentals Scam companies

I should have read the reviews and complaints online earlier.

NU Car Rentals advertise a low rate of $11 or $13 a day online but I ended paying more than $100 !

On top of than I expected the that s the cost a full day but since I exceeded 200kms they charged me extra for it. It gets worse – from the $13. they add all the hidden fees (including all the insurance you don t need and all the extras added to your bill).  That s how they added up to way more than $100.  And because I live in Canada and I booked NU Car Rental online, they quoted in US$. So I ended paying more in CAD$ because at the moment the exchange rate works very much against me. This is despite me being in Canada and I end up paying US$ rates.  I ll bet once the exchange rate goes the other way again (CAD$ higher than US$) they will charge everyone in CAD$ instead of US$. That s how scammers work.

And they are affiliated with TransCanada( another scam company). Also they car they gave me was about only half filled with gas. They did not tell me to only return it with only about the same amount. In the first place  they should have given me a full tank.

When I spoke to one of their staff and eventually their manager, they told me the extra gas I put in is not refundable and there s nothing they can do about it. I also told them about the huge costs and they gave me lame answers. After a while I realise its no point arguing with them further. Having everything printed on an invoice which they give you later DOES NOT make it legal or morally justifiable.

They just cover their asses while robbing you of your money.

Terrible customer service.  These companies should be shut down and not exist because of their fraudulent activities.  The Ministry of Transport should go after these 2 companies and the ones like them and shut them down.  Stay away from both NU Car Rentals and TransCanada, Its shameful they have Canada in TransCanada.  I will certainly never deal with them again. Oh by the way NU runs NU hotels – I would expect those hotels are another scam. These people are thieves. That s what scammers are – they steal your money as in day light robbery.

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