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Apr 30 2018

Trinidad Express Newspapers: Features, SEA 4th place goes to Presentation College, trinidad college.#Trinidad #college


SEA 4th place goes to Presentation College

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Trinidad college

Jayden Alexander (1): Father Randolph Alexander, mother Lisa Alexander with their son and fourth place SEA winner Jayden Alexander posing with Penal councillor Shanty Boodram at a ceremony where Jayden was honoured at Docs Ranch, Philippine last Saturday.

ON the day the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) results were announced, principals and politicians celebrated the success of the top pupils who were brought to national attention.

But at the St Dominic’s Roman Catholic Primary in Penal, the success of Jayden Alexander, 12, who scored the fourth highest mark in the SEA went unreported.

His mother Lisa Alexander said she was happy on hearing the news that Jayden passed for his first choice school and was even more proud to know he placed fourth in the country. Even Jayden was shocked when he heard his score, she said.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia visited the school and congratulated Jayden on his achievement. He would attend Presentation College, San Fernando in September.

Alexander said her son’s determination to overcome the challenges he faced and the sacrifices he made played a key role in his success.

Parents of children attending the St Dominic’s Primary School protested earlier this year over poor conditions at the school.

The children were relocated and separated into the parish hall and the community centre in the vicinity of the school in Penal.

Jayden was first placed in the parish hall, then the community centre.

On days when the school was closed, Alexander said she made sure Jayden kept up with his school work.

Through the insistence of the school’s principal, classes resumed for the Standard Five pupils.

She said Jayden saw the challenges at the school as something he could beat.

He knew what he wanted and the school he wanted to go to. He worked very hard and did not see the problems at the school as a problem for him. He saw it as obstacles he could overcome and beat. That is him, he is very competitive and will go after what he wants, she said.

Jayden is an avid footballer and plays steelpan and keyboards.

He wants to follow in the footsteps of his father and become an electrical engineer and professional footballer.

Alexander, a self-employed woman who bakes for a living, and her husband, a retired Petrotrin worker, said they have sacrificed for their children to attain an education.

I didn’t want to see my children following the wrong path. I wanted them to study and make something of themselves. So I would push them. They had to sacrifice playtime, video games, have limited computer use and television and it paid off.

Jayden is currently in Arizona with his football club, Cox Coaching School where he and others are engaged in training and friendly matches.

He also plays with Club Sando.

Jayden was honoured by the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation last Saturday at a ceremony held at Doc’s Ranch, Philippine.

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