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Jun 25 2017

Used Van-Minivan from Japan export #car #appraisal

#used minivans

2,614 Japan Used Van-Minivan are ready for export worldwide.

Japan Used Van-Minivan

Van – A van is a kind of motor vehicle used for transporting goods or people. There are vans in many shapes and sizes, ranging from the classic van version of the tiny Minivan to much larger van vehicles such as the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford E-Series, and Nissan commercial vehicles. Vans run up to about load of 4 tons and are categorized as Light Duty Trucks (America) or Light Commercial Vehicles (Europe).

Minivan – Minivan is an American English term to describe a type of van, typically either two-box or one box designs for maximum interior volume and are taller than a sedan, hatchback, or a station wagon.

The word van is a short of caravan which meant a converted vehicle. Van word always applies to a boxy cargo vans.

Early Japanese vans include the Mazda Bongo and the Subaru 360 van. The Japanese also made many vans based on the American flat nose model, but also mini-vans which for the American market have generally evolved to the long-wheelbase front wheel drive form factor first pioneered by the Nissan Prairie and Mitsubishi Chariot.

Microvans, vans that fulfill kei car regulations, are very popular for small business. The term is also used to describe full-fledged station wagons (passenger car front sheetmetal, back seats, windows all around) and even hatchbacks with a basic trim package intended for commercial use.

In urban areas of the United States full-size vans have been used as commuter vans since 1971, when Dodge introduced a van that could transport up to 15 passengers. Commuter vans are used as an alternative to carpooling and other ride sharing arrangements.

  • Many mobile businesses (Flower, pat saloon, small food stalls, plumbing/repairing) use a van to carry almost their entire business to various places where they work.
  • Vans are also used to shuttle people and their luggage between hotels and airports, to transport commuters between parking lots and their places of work, and along established routes as minibuses.
  • Vans are also used to transport elderly and mobility-impaired worshipers to and from church services or to transport youth groups for outings to amusement parks, picnics, and visiting other churches.
  • Mini Van
  • Large Van
  • Step Van
  • Rollover Safety Van
  • Safety Equipment Van

Most popular Japan used vans

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