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Jan 13 2018

Verify bank account with test deposit (US) – G Suite Administrator Help

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Verify bank account with test deposit (US)

When you add a bank account to your Google billing account, you need to verify you own the account. Only then can we debit payments from it. If your bank account has a billing address in the US, you can use instant account verification. or you can have Google make a small test deposit into the account. If you can enter that same amount in your Google billing account, we know your bank account is valid and that you can access it.

We can’t debit payments from any US bank account you add until we can verify it’s yours. This might take several days. Until then, we’ll keep charging your current primary payment method. If your current method isn’t valid, we recommend adding a credit card to use temporarily for automatic payments. That way you don’t risk suspension if we need to charge your account in the meantime.

After you add a bank account with a US billing address:

  1. Wait a few days for the test deposit to appear (2-5 business days).
  2. Search your bank records for a deposit from Google Inc. or AFS (Google’s payment partner). Note the exact amount of the deposit.
  • From the Admin console dashboard, go to Billing.
  • Next to your subscription, click ActionsAccess billing account .

  • Under How you pay. click Manage payment methods .
  • Next to the bank account you want to verify, click Fix .
  • Select the exact amount of the test deposit in the field provided, and click Verify .
  • Once you enter the correct amount, your bank account is verified and we can debit payments from the account.

    Don’t see the test deposit in your bank account? You might need to wait up to 5 days for the test deposit to appear in your account. If it doesn’t appear after that, check to see if your test deposit failed .

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