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Oct 16 2017

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View ENTUSA Videos and Pictures by using the menu buttons on the left. Videos can be viewed with a wide range of browsers.

Computers: MP4 videos are used extensively in entusa.com. FLASH is being phased out. Almost all videos have been converted so they are compatible with mobile devices. The high bandwidth MP4 Flash videos are of excellent quality. FLASH is not compatible with Android Phones, I-Pad or I-Phone. However, it can be viewed on these devices using the Puffin Brower Download Puffin

I-Pads I-Phones: We are upgrading to MPEG-4/MP4 (H.264) videos which will run on I-Pads I Phones. Listing of MP4 VideosTo View FLASH Videos and animations on Your I-Pad or I-Phone Install the Free Puffin Browser App Download Puffin

Android Phones Pads: We are slowly adding an MPEG-4/MP4 (H.264) videos which will run on Android Phones Pads using Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or latter. MPEG-4/MP4 videos may not run on earlier versions of the Android System. Listing of MP4 Videos
To View FLASH Videos and animations on Your Android or Android Pad Install the Free Puffin Browser App Download Puffin

Ubuntu Computers running OS version 11.04 can view WebM videos. Firefox will automatically substitute the WebM for the MPEG-4/MP4 (MP4) Video

Windows 8.1 Computers and Pads running Internet Explorer 11 can view either FLASH, MPEG-4, and the DialUp WMV (H.264) videos.

Macintosh Computer: May view either FLASH or MPEG-4/MP4 (H.264) videos. The Adobe Flash player is needed to play FLASH videos.

Slow Connections: Dial-up videos are presented in Windows Media Format (wmv). These videos are presented in 46 Kbps and are of poor quality. This format is only supported on computers which has a Windows Media Player installed. It is compatible with Windows computers running Internet Explorer 11.

A third format is REAL VIDEO is not longer used by www.entusa.com .

Cathy Kavanagh, Publisher ENTUSA (dot) COM

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