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Jul 6 2017

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Virtual CD

Perfect for itunes and sensetive materials

2010-03-21 12:49:25 | By crescentfresh

| Version: Virtual CD

Well, I only tested and use the virtual disc mounting, the cd-r to burn virtual discs from itunes, and it works as expected, and really easily.
I use this to burn a cd from itunes so I can then re-rip the songs ion an mp3 format.
Virtual CD rocks.

None .The thing that takes the longest is picking out the songs. If only I could just burn MY music that I uploaded with my OWN CDS onto an mp3 cd. grrrr
nothing wrong with virtual cd though.

Bottom line.
Itunes sucks. This is what I needed.
Hmm, now wondering if it will mount on win7 better than daemon.
will make edit if necessary, but as well put together as this product seems, I’m likely to buy it.
The entire process took about 2 minutes, to burn a playlist, and re-rip to mp3.
I’m very happy.

Also, I’ll note that it looks to be very nice for splitting (and possibly encrypting, I didnt look that far into it) and password protecting files that you may need to write to a virtual disc that can be later mounted, while leaving no physical copy of the information.

OMG, wasted $$$

February 25, 2010 | By cnetist

2010-02-25 19:37:02 | By cnetist

| Version: Virtual CD

version 9 worked well, thought that version 10 would be better. All it does is offer Blue-Ray support and Windows 7, forces you to upgrade. I paid for a 5 license version but was able to only install on my netbook with Windows 7 starter.

It will not install on Windows 7 Home Premium, with some kind of SCSI driver error. The support site was too complicated. Reinstalled 3 times.no use. switched over to Daemon tools Lite which was free.

I usually mount 1 or 2 discs only. So if I had known sooner I would have used Daemon Tools Lite. Virtual CD version 10 interface was too complicated and simply did not install on Windows 7 Home Premium, weird.

Reply by crescentfresh on March 18, 2010

Well OK.
Too bad your laptop probably doesn’t have scsi support, did you happen to even check to turn it on in the bios? It’s unlikely, but the laptop might have scsi support. It more than likely only uses sata connections, so of course you’ll have trouble mounting a virtual SCSI drive to a computer that can’t support it.
Irritating when dummies write bad reviews.
Installed and works great on my Win7 x64, and Vista 32
Finally I don’t have to re-rip my 400+ cds to get rid of the huge file size and DRM I foolishly let itunes rip from my discs!

I love this website

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