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Jan 13 2018

Virtual Hacking Labs

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Brucelle Arizmendi


After having the opportunity to test the Virtual Hacking Labs, I must admit that the VHL Labs are challenging-fun, awesome and unique in its own way. I find it challenging, intriguing and inspiring at the same time. Great work by the VHL Team.

Kgomotso Pule

CEH, Information Security Analyst

The courseware is one of the most comprehensive that I’ve ever come across. It’s very easy to understand and follow! Recommended for anyone starting with no prior knowledge of the subject of ethical hacking. Great job, VHL.

Latest News

Many people have asked me what are the best hacking tools and which tools they should use for penetration testing. Not a strange question considering the fact that there are so many different hacking tools around. Getting started with the right toolset makes penetration testing much more fun and approachable for new comers. Therefore I created a list of the most popular and commonly used penetration testing tools.

Today it has been 4 weeks since the official launch of the Virtual Hacking Labs. In the last 4 weeks we ve had the honour to welcome the first students in the Virtual Hacking Labs. We are very excited to see that the hacking labs have drawn attention from both beginners and experts in the field of penetration testing. We also appreciate the positive feedback we ve got from both groups.

Today we have finally launched the Virtual Hacking Labs for the public! After almost a year of hard work we can offer our students a full self paced penetration testing course that includes lab access to 30 machines that are vulnerable by design. All lab machines have been carefully developed by us in such way that they contribute to a specific learning experience. Learn about exploiting SMB vulnerabilities, SQL injection, SNMP enumeration, code analysis, reverse shells and Metasploit in the courseware and practice techniques in the Virtual Hacking Labs.

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