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May 12 2018

Visa and MasterCard, is visa a mastercard.#Is #visa #a #mastercard


Visa and MasterCard

Visa and MasterCard

  • Is visa a mastercard

Accept Credit Cards Now

Yes you want to accept Visa and Mastercards. But it turns out that if you aren’t also accepting at least a few other credit cards, you are telling a lot of your potential customers that you don’t want their business. And we can help you with that. You see, your customers will want to pay with whatever is convenient for THEM, and the more credit cards you accept, the more often you’re going to make the sale. Accept Visa and Mastercard We offer full service Visa and Mastercard accounts. Visa and Mastercard are the most commonly used credit

  • Is visa a mastercard

    Credit Card Services for High Risk Businesses

    If you are running a high risk business, you know it’s tough to get approved by a bank to accept credit cards. Your regular “mega bank” that you’ve been doing business with all your life for your personal accounts probably doesn’t want to hear from you when you start to talk to them about your business. And if they do, they are probably offering you a per-transaction fee and other charges that are astronomically high. We understand, because we’ve helped hundreds of companies like yours accept credit cards when no one else could get them

  • Is visa a mastercard

    How to Accept Credit Cards

    Chances are, you’re either an existing business looking to reduce your credit card processing fees, or you’re a new business just getting started and applying for a merchant account for the very first time. Well, if you’re one of those new businesses, you may have a few questions about what’s involved in accepting credit cards. So this page is a merchant account primer for you if you’ve never applied to accept credit cards before and want to know more about the process. Merchant Accounts Are Like Loans Accepting credit cards is a lot like

  • Is visa a mastercard

    Merchant Services for Adult Products Services

    Do you own or run an online business that caters to Adults doing “adult” things? There’s certainly nothing wrong with fulfilling a need in your marketplace, but quite often your bank won’t agree with you. That’s why they make it extra difficult for businesses in either the Adult entertainment or Gaming (gambling*) areas to accept credit cards and operate like a normal business. It’s almost easy to understand why they make it hard for a company like yours to accept credit cards. Statistically speaking, it’s more likely customers of such

  • Is visa a mastercard

    Pay-Gate Payment Gateway

    Do you run an online business? Then in addition to your merchant account, you’re going to need a “payment gateway” that connects your website to the bank. But you’ve got a choice of gateways, so which do you choose? We recommend Pay-Gate, and here’s why. Your payment gateway needs to work with the shopping cart that runs your website. Pay-Gate supplies a cart (Easy Cart) free, and works with 99% of the standard shopping carts available on the Internet, so there’s a very, very good chance it will work with your site.

  • Is visa a mastercard

    What To Do If Your Merchant Account Application Has Been Denied?

    We’ve heard this story hundreds of times. A new business started by some talented people are looking to create some new relationships so they can be the next American success story. But at almost every turn, they are denied something by someone, and one obstacle after another is placed in their way. And sometimes, it almost seems like it makes more sense to give up than forge ahead. If you’ve been declined a credit card merchant account by one, or even two banks, we can help.

    Better Business Bureau Rating

    Is visa a mastercard

    Worldwide Merchant Services has a rating from the Better Business Bureau. But, before we tell you what our rating is, you should know why the Better Business Bureau Rating is important. The BBB ranks businesses based on, above all other things, the amount of trust that their customers have that what the company promises is what the customer is going to get. As a business owner, you need

    Apply Now it s Easy Quick!

    Just answer a few short questions about you and your business, and we’ll be in touch almost right away.

    Is visa a mastercard

    Why Choose Worldwide Merchant Services?

    You’ve got a lot of choices when choosing a Merchant Services company. So why choose Worldwide? Experience — Our top executives have been in the business since it’s very inception! Connections — Our experience has

    Is visa a mastercard

    Terminal Equipment

    If you’ve got a retail company and accept credit cards onsite, you know you’ll be needing credit card equipment. In most cases we provide it FREE But what if you’ve already got a credit card terminal from your previous merchant bank? Do you have to buy new equipment? Many Merchant

    Is visa a mastercard

    Rates and Fees

    Whether your business is a traditional retail store or a high risk online endeavor, Worldwide Merchant Services will be able to get you the most competitive rates possible. Here’s why. The executives at WMS have relationships that are decades long with some of the most eager and

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