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Jan 14 2018

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Secured by Design

Building Secured by Design Creates Value

Nottingham City Homes, in partnership with Nottingham Trent University, conducted a two-year impact study on the wider social benefits of the Decent Homes programme known in Nottingham as Secure, Warm, Modern. The first stage of the research was to conduct a pilot study on two estates, which aimed to evaluate the impact of installing secure windows and doors on burglary in NCH properties, and the impact on residents and surrounding communities. The work programme took place in 2008/09, during which 1,520 properties had their windows replaced out of a total of 1,717 NCH properties on the two estates.

Levels of crime, and particularly burglary, have in the past been high across Nottingham, and particular in the two estates chosen for the pilot. The area has seen higher burglary rates than the city average, and higher than similar areas within the city.

Key Findings

  • Burglary was reduced by 42% across Bells Lane and Broxtowe, compared to a city wide reduction of 21% over the same period. This was also higher than the reduction seen in similar areas in the city, of 38%.
  • NCH properties experienced 62 fewer burglaries per year after the work was completed, compared to 33 fewer burglaries a year to non- NCH properties on the estates
  • Tenants perceived burglary to be less of an issue after the Secure work was completed and overall satisfaction with their neighbourhood as a place to live rose from 58% of tenants being fairly or very satisfied to 64% since the work was completed.


To increase security further, a priority investment for any future resources that may be made available for further housing improvement should be the widespread replacement of the current wooden doors with Secured by Design PVC-u models.

Key Success

  • Burglary was reduced by 42%
  • Resulted in a saving of £241,800 in 1 year
  • Each tenant saved between £95 and £223 a year in fuel bills
  • SBD to be made a priority investment for housing improvements

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* If your development is outside of England, Wales Northern Ireland. Please use our Contact Directory of CPDAs and ALOs

Safety Accreditation Schemes

For details on how to accredit your staff to increase their powers to tackle graffiti, litter, and antisocial behaviour consider the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme or the Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme.

Security Systems Policy

Security Systems Policy is a public document designed to give details of police response and the requirements for the private security industry involved in the installation, maintenance and monitoring of systems.

Get an SBD Developer Award

The Developers Award is given to building developments which are built to Secured by Design guidelines. Apply to your local Secured by Design Advisor .

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