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Jan 13 2018

Wireless Broadband Internet Access and Web Design

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Web Mai l Security – Recent browser upgrades are giving customers messages that a given site login may not be secure. Web mail platforms typically are not sercure, neither is email. You should never put any personal and sensitive information into an email. Passwords should be changed regularly and you should always be wary about using email and/or web mail from a public hot spot. At some point, Castles will enable web mail security, which will require customers to jump thorugh a few hoops each time they log in.

Blocked Web Sites – We have unfortunately had to block thousands of IP addresses over the past few weeks. IP addresses are individual and unique addresses that are assigned to every computer, website and email server in the world. Our network has been on the receiving end of increasing cyber attacks from foreign contries. On more than one ocassion it has caused our network to come to a screeching halt, and in turn your Internet access. When we determine the IP of the offender(s), we place a block at our core controlling router. As often is the case, hackers break into servers of the sites you visit and initiate their attacks from their IP address. In many cases the web site owner doesn’t know about the break in. Regardless of who that is, we have an obligation to block those sites.

If you find that you can no longer get to a site you once were able to, complete the service request form and let us know what the site is. We need the full and correct domain name of the website. Make sure you include your email address on the form so that we can reply. DO NOT contact technical support – they will not be able to assist with this issue. It may be that the problem is with the web site itself, the server it’s on, your browser and/or settings, etc. and may not be blocked by Castles. Click here for the form.

Wireless Internet Access
Coming Soon
10Mb Sustained and Up to 25Mb Burst !

Castles is upgrading our wireless network to offer higher sustained bandwidth plans. Upgrades are planned through 2017. Sustained download plans start at 1.5 Mbs and go up to 10 Mbs. Customers must have the new AC equipment to get higher than 4 Mbs sustained. Most legacy customers will be able to upgrade for a small one-time fee.

Web Design Services
Specializing in Small Business – Personalized and Affordable
Web Design Packages Starting at $499

  • Affordable Small Business Web Sites
  • Manage the site on your own or have Castles make changes
  • Web hosting includes cPanel
  • Search Engine Registration Included
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Included
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Included
  • Links to Square Market Setup Assistance
  • Domain email included
  • Parked Domains
  • Online Design Center
  • Feedback Form or Custom Form Included
  • No long-term contracts

Castles Supports the Air Force Security Forces Association

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